So, for my next trick, I have another go-to recipe. It’s garlic shrimp & veggies with pasta. I wasn’t going to blog about it because it seems SO easy to me, but when I was a struggling new cook, I totally would have  appreciated something this easy!

I still keep forgetting to take pics…it’ll happen eventually.

My problem here is that I don’t measure with this particular recipe. I usually make some terribly large amount so I can have leftovers until I can’t stand it anymore. Last night I used the whole bag of shrimp (about a pound), a small handful of angel hair, and a quarter of the huge bag of veggies. With these amounts, I used about 4 T (that means tablespoon if you’re new to this cooking thing) each of butter & olive oil (gasp!), 4 cloves of garlic (I use a garlic press), and about 1 T of lemon juice. It’s a really basic scampi-type recipe. I try to make it healthier by using less & whole wheat pasta and lots of veggies. Maybe someday I’ll decrease the fats, too!

Whole wheat pasta of your choice (I use Barilla Smart something-or-other)
Frozen “California Blend” (Broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots…we get the huge bags at Sam’s)
Frozen medium-size RAW shrimp (it comes deveined & shelled at Wal-Mart, in the fresh fish section)
Butter (gasp again!) & olive oil
Fresh garlic
Lemon juice

1. Cook pasta to the al dente stage (it’ll say on the back of the box). Measure butter & olive oil and heat on medium heat until butter melts. Add garlic and cook for a minute. In the meantime, cook veggies in microwave a couple minutes less than done (the directions said 9 minutes, so I put it on 6 minutes). Add lemon juice to the garlic mixture.

2. Add shrimp & cook until starts to get pink, about 5 minutes. Add the veggies and cook another minute. For the last minute, add the pasta.

Super-easy & yummy, with lots of leftovers!

Makes about 6 servings